Friday, January 28, 2011

Festive Friday: Singles Awareness Day

NOTE: We post this entry because we have been there before and mean no harm…just wanting to bring you all an….alternative to Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!

As you all know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but for some of us it’s a day without a date. A couple of years ago Megan and I found ourselves both without someone special to spend Valentine’s with so we joined a group of friends for drinks and karaoke as we toasted “Singles Awareness Day!” Let us explain…

Instead of seating at home alone watching Love Stories and wishing you had a Valentine why not celebrate being SINGLE AND FABULOUS? Get a group of single friends together for food, drinks, and laughs. 

Actually one of my FAV movies!

Go to Karaoke. 

Let Go. We won't tell anyone you can't sing...

Sex and the City Karaoke: Everyone dress in their MOST fashionable attire

Grease Sing-a-long: Pink Ladies VS. T Birds

Have a House Party. 

Need I say more??

Have a Game Night. 

It was the the Library...with the Axe!

Set a theme, dress up, and ENJOY! Happy Singles Awareness Day!


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