Wednesday, December 14, 2011

P.S. Sighting: UPTOWN Magazine

Look who made it into UPTOWN Magazine's Wedding and Travel Issue! Thanks so much to Joy Sewing of Houston Chronicle for adding us to The Gold Pages!

Click to learn more about this special issue!

Yep, that says "Professional Socialites" on Page 92

Special thanks to Joy Sewing
Congrats to all the Houston Professionals that made the Gold Pages!

Crystal and Megan

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Top 25 Places to Register

Hello Brides-to-be,

I hope you are all having a wonderful time with all your wedding task. Today we're gonna talk about the fun stuff...getting wedding gifts. Now before you get the gifts you must register to make sure you get what you want. Don't you just love it? Our dear friends at posted this wonderful article with the "Top 25 Places to Register" and we're passing it along to you.

Courtesy of

This post will be brief but you can read the full article. They are giving you the Top 25 but it is wisely suggested that you pick no more than 5 places.

The Big Basics
Specialty Stores and Boutiques
Refreshly Unconventional Sources
Please make sure you go check out the full article on for "Register here if...", "Cool Feature", "Perks", and "Check out". You'll be surprised what you didn't think of.

Happy Planning


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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding Wisdom: Fiance vs Fiancee

Hello Socialite Brides to be,

Just wanted to share a quick tip with you those of you that just became engaged. You will see fiance and fiancee plenty of times now that you've got your ring but here's something you might not now. Check this out.
Our Lovely Couple, Dami and Nyi
Photo courtesy of Collins Metu

About fiance vs fiancee
If all goes well a man will marry his fiancee and if all goes well a woman will marry her fiance. Both fiancee and fiance is a person one is bethroted to. The extra 'e' in the end depends on the gender: if you are a girl, you would be a man's fiancee.

This little piece of knowledge is courtesy of

Happy planning everyone!


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Socialite Sighting: PS Couple Featured in The Knot Fall 2011 Issue!

Hello Fellow Socialites,

We opened the The Knot Fall Issue 2011 and saw some familiar faces!

Professional Socialites' couple (and personal friends) Niyi and Dami Okuboyejo are featured in this fall's issue of The Knot magazine for their gorgeous Summer 2010 wedding. Get your copy, check out their awesome wedding details and photos (by the fabulous Collins Metu)...then contact us to start planning your magazine spread-worthy wedding!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

PS Sighting: Google for Weddings

Hello My Socialite Brides,

I hope planning has been a breeze for those of you that have already started and I hope that this is helpful for anyone that has just started. As I was searching through my emails the other day I came across this little gem. Ladies, let me introduce you to Google for Weddings.

Google is at it again and I must tip my hat to them. Through Google for Weddings you can create your own Wedding site, use Picnik to edit photos and create some of your wedding materials, use Google docs to help you with all your planning documents, and share your photos from all your wedding activities with Picasa. This is an amazing little bundle.

Google sites teamed up with renowned wedding planner and destination expect Michelle Rago to create the beautiful collection of themes you'll find. Use Google Sites to share information about your wedding, your engagement story, and anything else you can think of.

Picnik has coordinating themes so you can edit your photos and create engagement announcements, save-the-dates, and plenty of other fun projects.

Google Docs has all the files you need to help keep you organized and stress free through your wedding planning process. You'll find docs for your address book, guest list, budget planner, seating chart and much more.

Picasa Web Albums will allow you to gather and organize all your photos. Are you trying to decide on bridesmaid dresses? Take pictures of all of the options and share them with the team. Need help picking the perfect dancing shoes to go with your reception dress? Organize your top picks here. Everyone needs a digital Look Book.

To see all the cool features check out Google for Weddings.

Happy Planning!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Wedding Wisdom: Bringing the Family Together


Hello My Socialite Brides,

You have spent so much time planning this wonderful wedding day and with all the focus on making sure everything goes according to plan you never realize that you missed spending time with the family and friends that made your day possible. It all goes by so quickly but you want to remember this moment and the people you spent it with for the rest of your life. Here’s your solution, extend your wedding weekend a little bit with these ideas.

Are you a night owl? Have an after party after the official reception. Invite everyone back to the hotel where you’ll be staying and have a little bar party at the hotel bar. Find out if the bar will allow you to have pizza delivered and just hang out at the bar with your family and friends and really let your hair down. We’ll even let you go change into something truly comfortable. Everyone knows you’re the new Mr. and Mrs. so you can lose the formal gear.

Are you more of a morning person? How about a brunch the morning after your wedding with your newly bound family? This will not only give you a chance to spend time with your family now that the big day is out of the way but it will also give your families a chance to talk some more without the loud music and extra guests.

Remember, your wedding is one day but your marriage is the rest of your life so why not start the memories as soon as possible with your new family.

Happy Planning!

Blissfully Yours,

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PS Sighting: NACE Wedding Trends 2011

Hey Socialites,

I had the most fun last week with my Wish Upon a Wedding Houston crew at the NACE Wedding Trends 2011 event. This year it was at the 1940's Air Terminal Museum and the NACE Houston Team went full out with decor and atmosphere.

 Here's some highlights from this "blast to the past" evening.

1940s Air Terminal Museum

Our 1940s Host for the Evening
Creative Set up!


Low Centerpieces are Always a Classic Trend

Traveling Serving Station

Tasting Station

Benches in between the tables

Michael's Cookie Jar Always Steals the Show!

MJC Events & Cordua Catering Created These Amazing Pipettes.Vanilla Custard filled Eclair and Chocolate Ganache are my fave so far!

Can You Imagine? LOVE the Plane in the Background

VIP Lounge

Cafe Caspian

Flowers Flowers Everywhere

Love These Flowers

The Coolest Chandelier I've Ever Seen

She Served Champagne from the Chandelier 

The Cake Came Down Out of the Chandelier! Talk About An Entrance!

High School Cirque Performer

 Congrats to NACE Houston on an AMAZING job!

Blissfully Yours,

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Sweet Sweet Love

Hello my Socialite Brides in Training,

I hope that you are having the time of your life right now planning you wedding and enjoying your engagement. I'm in a sweet mode today and am having a major craving for these new cupcakes by MMM Cupcakes so I thought today we would take about the current cake trends.

One of the first trends is a return to the classics. We had fun with all the cool and corky cakes but we are slowly but surely seeing a return to the sweet, classic, and romantic cakes. Shades of ivory, cream, and white are coming back into high demand among brides.

Another emerging trend is the use of fresh flowers vs. frosted flowers. It takes great talent to be able to create a flawless frosted flower but there is something about the smell, look, and feel of fresh flowers surrounding a wonderful crafted wedding cake. You will start to see cakes with fresh flowers between tiers to create a grand illusion even with the use of smaller cakes.

For the bride who wants a little shine (I try my best never to use the word "bling"), I have some great news for you. There is a new product on the market just for you...edible rhinestones! These little gems can be purchased or made by the bakery and will give you that sparkle you always envisioned at your wedding, and as an added perk, there is no need to remove them when its time to serve the cake since they are completely edible. Enjoy!

As for grooms' cakes, the southern tradition of the chocolate cake still holds true. Some still enjoy the traditional chocolate cake with the chocolate covered strawberries while others are opting for a cake that truly represents their personalities and interest.

No matter what, remember that it is and will always be your wedding day and as long as it reflects your style that's all that matters.

Happy Planning Brides!


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