Friday, June 19, 2009

Lessons from the Diva

Like I told you guys on my last post, June 6 & 7, the Socialites journeyed to Towson, Maryland to attend the Business of Matrimony Power Course Workshop. The Wedding Diva herself, Linnyette Richardson-Hall, gave the 10 ladies in attendance (including the Professional Socialites) an intimate and honest view of lessons she's learned over her 17 years in the wedding planning industry.

I had seen Linnyette on "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway" on the Style Network, but still didn't know what to expect. People's TV persona can be totally different than reality. So... after meeting her: Linnyette is one of the realest, most entertaining people I have met in a long while!!! Anecdotes about her various excursions in event planning fabulosity had me cracking up! But more so, Crystal and I learned. No, seriously... we learned A LOT! The tools we came away with after that Workshop will save us a lot of unnecessary bumps in the road. We came back and now we're incorporating what we've learned into our business model.

Megan, Linnyette, Crystal

I think Linnyette is the bomb. It's more than her great events, honesty, and love of great shoes. A socialite by definition uses their social skills and connections to help others. She let us in on hard learned trade secrets that she could have easily kept to her self. She learned the lessons and taught us the game, and one day we'll be able to pass those lessons (along with what we learn) to the next generation of visionary socialites and divas. A saying that is somewhat overused, but not always done, comes to mind: Pay It Forward.

On a random side note... we had a blast in Maryland/D.C... until I got sick!! But all was fun. That Monday before we caught our plane back to Houston (and in the middle of my painful upper respiratory mini-death), we went to D.C. to check out the monuments. Here's us at the National Mall by the Texas pillar, and another shot of us with Honest Abe. Is it sad that I wanted him to start talking like on Night at the Museum?


Friday, June 5, 2009

Road Trip!

Ok... well, not actually a road trip. We're headed to Towson, Maryland for the "Business of Matrimony" Conference held by Linnyette Richardson-Hall (yes, the wonderfully stern but ever so fierce wedding planner you see on Style Network's 'Whose Wedding Is It Anyway').

I haven't been to the Baltimore/D.C. area since I was like 14, so this should be FUN! As a fledgling business, we're eager to get our hands on as much information as we can on how to be a success. The networking we do this weekend should be INVALUABLE! So... I've got my Samsonite all packed and we're hopping on a plane this afternoon. I feel like I forgot to pack something. Dang it! My Dove body wash is sitting on my bathroom counter... Ah well, at least it was something small. Meanwhile...The Socialites are headed to the east out!! :)

So, aside from all the great networking and learning... I want to EAT! I'm all about traveling and sampling the local fare. I definitely want to go back to the Fudgery *my one memory of Baltimore*.

Well, that's all for now. I'm sure we'll have plenty more to say after we get back. Fellow socialites, where would you go if you were in Baltimore for a weekend?