Monday, January 31, 2011

PS|PR: What is Public Relations?!

Hi Socialites,

Welcome to PS|PR, our new blog section brought to you by the Public Relations department of Professional Socialites. Yes, I am aware that I am the Public Relations department, but I digress. With PS|PR I will give tips for hiring/working with a PR pro, handling some of your own PR, advice for students and aspiring publicists (which I believe in this ever-changing industry, we all shall always be) and good ideas to pass along.

Samantha Jones made PR look glamorous on Sex & the City. I suppose showing her tirelessly editing press releases, planning product launches and staying glued to her BlackBerry for client's Google updates would take away from the plot line!  

To begin, "What the *!^# is Public Relations?" When brands and small businesses contact us about Professional Socialites' PR services, it is not unusual to find that most don't understand exactly what public relations is, or how exactly it works. Many people assume that PR is interchangeable with marketing or advertising. But they do start out with one right idea - recognizing that PR is a vital part of their company's success!

Here's the breakdown for those who are still a little fuzzy on the difference between advertising and PR: Advertising is paid means of communicating about your brand, and it's usually one-way communication (talking AT your audience). PR lets you communicate with people (investors, customers, community leaders, your great-grandma Geraldine who loves to hear good buzz about your company) through earned placement, and can (and should!) be two-way communication - your company talking TO these people. I love diagrams, and this handy-dandy one breaks it down nicely:
Once you've determined which you actually need, it is time to get to work! You can, and many people do, handle PR within your company. But seeking out the services of a professional is a way to ensure that you get a skilled communicator with a great contact list and fresh, objective ideas (that aren't already doing the other 10,000+ tasks you already have under your belt).

Professional Socialites provides public relations consulting for luxury lifestyle, entertainment and fashion brands and businesses, but please feel free to contact us with your needs.

Now... go forth, and get your PR on!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Festive Friday: Singles Awareness Day

NOTE: We post this entry because we have been there before and mean no harm…just wanting to bring you all an….alternative to Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!

As you all know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but for some of us it’s a day without a date. A couple of years ago Megan and I found ourselves both without someone special to spend Valentine’s with so we joined a group of friends for drinks and karaoke as we toasted “Singles Awareness Day!” Let us explain…

Instead of seating at home alone watching Love Stories and wishing you had a Valentine why not celebrate being SINGLE AND FABULOUS? Get a group of single friends together for food, drinks, and laughs. 

Actually one of my FAV movies!

Go to Karaoke. 

Let Go. We won't tell anyone you can't sing...

Sex and the City Karaoke: Everyone dress in their MOST fashionable attire

Grease Sing-a-long: Pink Ladies VS. T Birds

Have a House Party. 

Need I say more??

Have a Game Night. 

It was the the Library...with the Axe!

Set a theme, dress up, and ENJOY! Happy Singles Awareness Day!


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

PS Sighting: Ivory Bridal Atelier

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Ivory Bridal Atelier Grand Opening. This lovely bridal salon is located in the newly open West Ave Shopping Centre in Upper Kirby and the hottest new location to find to perfectly fab dress for your special day.

Sisters Ronit and Sharon Levy are the brainchildren behind this escape from the normal bridal shopping experience.

“We want this whole experience to be magical and for the brides to feel special,” Ronit Levy says. “I went shopping in New York for my wedding dress and I felt like one of a million brides.”
While she bought her dress from a Houston shop, she ran into a friend when they both came out of the dressing room at the same time. After that, the sisters decided they wanted a more intimate bridal boutique and built two very spacious rooms for a bride and her entourage.
- Culturemap
The bridal suite

The Grand Opening was perfection! Music, cupcakes, lite bites, champagne, and the IVORYtini...what more could a girl ask for.

Danny (The Perfect Wedding Guide), Me (Crystal), Lewis (LG Entertainment)

Cupcakes by Coco Cupcakes
The Ivorytini and the most amazing Cake Pops by Smitten Sugar

A Girl Can Dream, Right?
Make sure you take a moment to stop by and check out IVORY... you won't forget it!

Blissfully Yours,
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: The 30 Day Rule

This little tip comes courtesy of our mentor, the fabulous WeddingDiva, Linnyette Richardson-Hall of Premier Event Management in Baltimore, Maryland.

For those of you who just became engaged or you know it's in the near future please take this advice. We know that you've gotten your ring, you're ready to hit every bridal show there is and the FIRST thing your girlfriends did was give you a lovely arrangement of bridal magazines to help start the wedding planning mania.

My Sorority Sister's first engagement gifts from her girlfriends

STOP! Just stop right there. You want to remember this moment for the rest of you life, right? Well take a step away from all things bridal and wedding for 30 Days! Yep I said it.

Take 30 days to enjoy just being with the one you plan to spend the rest of your life with. You have just taken your relationship to new level and it does not involve Save-the-date cards or the perfect wedding dress. Remember, the wedding is ONE day and after that comes the real fun. Marriage is for the rest of your life and it shouldn't have to wait for a grand party to come and go before you start working at it.

You have plenty of time to plan your day and with the help of someone like Professional Socialites as your wedding planner you can enjoy your engagement all the way through the planning process.

Be sure to check out Confessions Of The WeddingDIVA for Linnyette's post!

Blissfully Yours,
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Monday, January 17, 2011

PS Insider Tip: Bridal Shoe Comfort


When it comes to wedding day shoes, all brides want a glamorous pair of shoes that completes their look but they totally forget about comfort. Why should you be in pain on the greatest day of your life? This is the same question that Cole Haan asked – and the answer was a dyeable line of bridal shoes with Nike Air Technology. 

Cole Haan offers a line of eight stylish bridal shoes that will allow you to dance all night long and look amazing. The prices typically range from $298 to $428, but they are currently between $150 and $170.

But it gets better! If you don’t find anything in the bridal line you’ll be happy to know there is a wide collection of Cole Haan Nike Air high heels outside of the bridal category! If you live in Houston, there is a Cole Haan boutique in Highland Village, and as an added perk check out Impressions Bridal Salon directly upstairs and find the perfect dress to compliment your perfectly comfortable shoes.

*Photos courtesy of Cole Haan