Monday, May 9, 2011

Wedding Wisdom: Bringing the Family Together

Hello My Socialite Brides,

You have spent so much time planning this wonderful wedding day and with all the focus on making sure everything goes according to plan you never realize that you missed spending time with the family and friends that made your day possible. It all goes by so quickly but you want to remember this moment and the people you spent it with for the rest of your life. Here’s your solution, extend your wedding weekend a little bit with these ideas.

Are you a night owl? Have an after party after the official reception. Invite everyone back to the hotel where you’ll be staying and have a little bar party at the hotel bar. Find out if the bar will allow you to have pizza delivered and just hang out at the bar with your family and friends and really let your hair down. We’ll even let you go change into something truly comfortable. Everyone knows you’re the new Mr. and Mrs. so you can lose the formal gear.

Are you more of a morning person? How about a brunch the morning after your wedding with your newly bound family? This will not only give you a chance to spend time with your family now that the big day is out of the way but it will also give your families a chance to talk some more without the loud music and extra guests.

Remember, your wedding is one day but your marriage is the rest of your life so why not start the memories as soon as possible with your new family.

Happy Planning!

Blissfully Yours,

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