Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Sweet Sweet Love

Hello my Socialite Brides in Training,

I hope that you are having the time of your life right now planning you wedding and enjoying your engagement. I'm in a sweet mode today and am having a major craving for these new cupcakes by MMM Cupcakes so I thought today we would take about the current cake trends.

One of the first trends is a return to the classics. We had fun with all the cool and corky cakes but we are slowly but surely seeing a return to the sweet, classic, and romantic cakes. Shades of ivory, cream, and white are coming back into high demand among brides.

Another emerging trend is the use of fresh flowers vs. frosted flowers. It takes great talent to be able to create a flawless frosted flower but there is something about the smell, look, and feel of fresh flowers surrounding a wonderful crafted wedding cake. You will start to see cakes with fresh flowers between tiers to create a grand illusion even with the use of smaller cakes.

For the bride who wants a little shine (I try my best never to use the word "bling"), I have some great news for you. There is a new product on the market just for you...edible rhinestones! These little gems can be purchased or made by the bakery and will give you that sparkle you always envisioned at your wedding, and as an added perk, there is no need to remove them when its time to serve the cake since they are completely edible. Enjoy!

As for grooms' cakes, the southern tradition of the chocolate cake still holds true. Some still enjoy the traditional chocolate cake with the chocolate covered strawberries while others are opting for a cake that truly represents their personalities and interest.

No matter what, remember that it is and will always be your wedding day and as long as it reflects your style that's all that matters.

Happy Planning Brides!


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