Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Do You Need in Life? air, food, and High Heels: Welcome High Heel Junkie

High Heel Junkie is Professional Socialites newest PR client and this company is truly a force that will draw any fellow “junkie” in with its WOW power!

High Heel Junkie, established in the fall of 2010, will soon be the words on every woman’s lips and the shoes and every “junkie’s” feet. Featuring elegant heels, wedges and boots characterized by classic silhouettes with modern details, each pair is lovingly hand-picked by High Heel Junkie shoenista's. 

Are you a junkie? Ask yourself this…Do you love instantly becoming 3 to 5 inches taller? Do you own more high heels than any other kind of shoe? Do you feel you only need 3 things in life…"air, food, and HIGH HEELS?" If you are screaming "YES" at this might just be a junkie!

High Heel Junkie's company philosophy is based on the great words of Manolo Blahnik - "You put high heels on and you change"

Expect great things from this up-and-coming company! "Watch out your socialite is showing!"


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