Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inspiration Story: The Texas Wedding

This is our first Inspiration post so bear with us. Awhile ago Megan and I were watching TV and say a Texas bride having a very "Texas" wedding that covered every stereotype there is about Texas. We have lived in Texas our entire lives and we know a much different Texas. This little inspiration post is going to show you how you can have a Texas wedding, still be chic, and having the special things about Texas that you love thrown in.

Let's start with the location. Whenever I think of a Texas style wedding I see a wonderful outdoor wedding that reminds me of why I love Texas so much.

Let's imagine a Texas Spring Wedding with about 50 to 100 guests to share your wonderful day with.

Let the inviation be something reflective of Texas charm. Wildflowers, sunflowers, bluebonnets and neutral colors like yellow, cream, beige, etc. You don't have to have cowboy boots to prove you're a Texan.

Centerpieces and tablescape
Mix in elements of old Texas. Mason jars, mixed tableware, light linens. Try family style sitting instead of the traditional 10 top tables. Since its only 50 to 100 guest consider Family style serving as well.

Find cool ways to add to your table. These napkin rings were made of burlap.

The Goodies
Everyone loves a picnic and you can't beat fresh teas, lemonades and cold beers. Since  you are seated with those closet and dearest to your heart keep the spirit going by doing family style serving in the center of the table.

The Attire
We all know how the heat in Texas can be during the spring and summer so a tea length wedding dress is a cute and fun alternative.

The Cotton Bride dresses are perfect light weight dresses and still super chic

Add a little pop of color on your feet with some fun shoes.

Your bridesmaids should be just as comfortable as you. A flirty tea length dress is the ticket.

We can't forget about the Groom and his pose. Linen suits, button downs, an vest look very dashing in the Texas heat.

The FavorsConsider something close to the heart like grandma's secret recipe for Lazy Day Lemonade. You can create personalized labels for cute glass bottles.

You wedding day is about the memories you make with your family and those dearest to you. Make your day memorable and your guest will talk about it for years to come.


P.S. The entry will get better but this is the first. Love ya!


amy said...

Hey I'm a bride to be, and I love those single pair of yellow pumps. Can you tell me what designer/brand they are? Your wedding was so beautiful btw, u look so happy! Anyways, thank you and hope being married is even more joyous than the wedding! Blessings!

Adam said...

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