Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tear It Out

Hello My Lovelies,

I knot a lot of you became engaged over the holidays so I thought I'd share a little tip with our wedding warriors out there. :)

My hope is that none of you are tearing out your hair already. I know some of you are because I've already heard from some of my close friends that the stress is already getting to them and it hasn't even been one solid month yet. You should be enjoying your engagement every chance you get because at some point the engagement does end.

I'm sure at this point your living room is covered with magazines of all different shapes and sizes. Its BEYOND overwhelming as you try to figure out what kind of bride you are and how many people to put in your wedding party...SHEESH! Here's my tip for you that has been passed along...


Sit on the floor with all your wedding magazines and every time you see a picture of something you like just tear it out. It can be the color, the style of a dress, the favor, the photo style, whatever drew your attention to that picture...tear it out. Keep all these pictures in a file and once you are done going through all your magazines start organizing and downsizing. Separate the pictures in to groups that makes sense to you and as you go through each group get rid of the pictures that you've lost interest in and NEVER visit them again. This is the only way to move forward.

You'll slowly start to see your image come together and it will be a lot easier on you and your poor bridesmaids that have been trying to talk you off a cliff and wiping away your tears. Once you see your image the details will come to you. It will just feel right and when ever you get to a point where you once again feel overwhelmed just put this tip to practice and get back to enjoying your engagement. You don't want to ever forget these precious days.

I hope this was helpful to my wedding warriors. Now go get you a cup of tea (or a glass of champagne ) and start tearing!!

(Pic from Gigi with Leslie Caron "the night they invented champagne")

Blissfully Yours,

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