Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: The List

Hey Socialite Brides,

Lets talk about the guest list. This could possibly be more stressful than everything you've done so far but if you've already picked your venue the good thing is you know your limit.


These steps should make it a little easier for you.
  1. Bride, Groom, and Parents write your list of guests. 
    • Don't forget to include yourselves
  2. Add up all the list in an excel sheet and remove duplicates 
    • You will almost undoubtedly see that you have exceed your count and your cost already
  3. Everyone revisit your list and start cutting down your list.
    • Your wedding should be filled with people you want to be surrounded by and not people you feel obligated to invite.
    • Yes, this is a tricky step but Mindy Weiss offers this tip: Think about after the wedding...if you ran into this person on the street would you feel regret for not inviting them or just a pang of guilt. Let your reaction guide your decision.
  4. DONE!
    • You can't stop here or move to step 5.
  5. Create a B-List for those you would like to invite but they didn't make the first cut. 
    • You will start getting some advance notices from those that can't come once you send out your save-the-dates and this will allow you room for guests from your B-List. At this time you can either send them a save-the-date or if its too late for a save-the-date just send an invitation.
Stay tuned next week for Save-the-Date!


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