Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Houston Wedding Showcase - Re-Cap

Hey Lovelies,

Ok, I know its almost been a week since the Houston Wedding Showcase so here is a short entry with more pics to follow after I get back to my USB cable for my camera.

First of all let me say that I bow down to those who do 8 shows a year, like our lovely booth neighbors from Butler's Courtyard (we love you Nancy)! Bridal shows are such a tiring experience from beginning to end and each bride should appreciate the time and energy we all put into them. Sheesh. Lol. Megan and I are too very short girls and between packing up the car with everything needed for the show, unloading it, decorating our booth, taking it back down Saturday evening, and packing up the car again...I think Megan and I deserve a HUGE Pepsi and Snicker Bar!

We decorated our booth on Friday and it was an interesting experience but it came out great. We also had some help from LG Entertainers and they truly made our booth shine! The pic below is from Friday after setting up.

Saturday morning we made a few changes to the booth and it was time to begin. We met so many wonderful brides and even a few that were very relieved to find out that they could find hire help to keep them from pulling their hair out.

With today's economy, many brides are taking planning into their own hands and that's wonderful but that doesn't mean there isn't help for the DIY bride. A Day of Coordinator is perfect for the DIY bride. Professional Socialites' Day of Luxury Package starts one month before your wedding and helps tie up all the loose ends so that a bride can be just a bride on her Big Day! Check out Professional Socialites' website and we're sure you'll find the perfect package for your needs! Go to the wedding section and look through our 3 packages for details and pricing!

Hope to hear from all our lovely brides soon!



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